Whether you run a restaurant, shopping mall, or public park, commercial outdoor furnishing is essential as your indoor products. Not only will you enjoy the purchase while buying the furniture, but it keeps a significant amount of raw materials out of landfills. But, to protect furniture investment, it is vital to keep up with essential preventative maintenance and care for furniture regularly. 

With time, even the most durable furniture needs help against extreme weather conditions. But hospitality furniture manufacturer instructions help you maintain your furnishing and keep it clean. So, in this blog, a maintenance guide for commercial outdoor furnishing discusses how to care for different materials. 

Tips for Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Let’s consider some essential outdoor furniture maintenance tips to preserve the investment for years to come. 

1. Apply a Coat of Sealant

It will help you to secure the metal from rusting and fading due to extreme weather conditions. So, ensure to use a sealant or paint specifically designed for metal surfaces, and other kinds may not provide sufficient protection. If you are using colored sealant or paint, then be aware that it may start to chip and fade with time if it directly comes to sunlight. In that situation, you require to reapply sealant or paint every year. It will maintain the furniture look for an extended period. 

2. Use All Surface Cleaner

When you invest in patio furniture, buy a multipurpose cleaner that swiftly removes dirt and outdoor materials. Various home remedies are recommended, like white vinegar, water, and dish soap, but it is best to use something approved for different materials. So, swiftly spray the cleaner on a cotton cloth and wipe it down accordingly. 

If there are tough stains to clean, use a soft bristle brush to remove excessive build-up. Using a softer brush or cloth on the surface ensures you won’t be removing the furniture's finish, and it looks brand new. 

3. Inspect Each Season

It enables you to catch any potential season early and save time and money in the long run. If you fabric sling in the chair, look for spots starting to fray or come apart. Any hole in the fabric needs to be fixed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. So, check rust spots and signs of wear and tear on metal chairs and tables, like scratches or dents. 

If you notice anything suspicious, take care immediately so that it will not worsen over time. The wooden furniture should be evaluated for any signs of rot or decay and insect damage. If you discover any problem, take the crucial steps to repair it before it worsens. 

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight for Long Period

Due to direct sunlight exposure, the metal furniture and colors will fade, and the furniture will dry with time. If you can’t move the furniture from sunlight's reach, try to cover them with an umbrella canopy. However, if you place furniture in direct sunlight, apply a sealant coat or paint every year to protect it from fading. For fabric sling chairs, ensure to put them in a shady area as much as possible, preventing them from fading and wet. 

5. Purchase Protective Covers

The most helpful step in maintaining furniture is to purchase protective covers. In contrast, it seems like a simple solution that protective covers are one of those things that can even slip through the cracks and forget about more often than not. Thus, when you buy outdoor furniture, it is crucial to get covers as soon as possible. So, you are mentally prepared for the first time you experience heavy rains and storms. 

However, the good covers will keep furniture dry and pollen and leaf-free, so you can have clean furniture whenever you are ready to use it. The hospitality furniture manufacturer of outdoor furniture is highly durable for any environment, but it is always a good idea to cover it from unnecessary exposure.  

6. Keep Furniture Away from Heat Sources

Extreme heat can cause metal furniture to wrap, making wooden furniture brittle and crack. If you can’t change the furniture position from heat sources, then try to provide some insulation with blankets. But, if it requires t place furniture in direct heat, apply paint or sealant to coat the top to save it from damage. 

7. Store Furniture in Off Season

It will protect it from the elements and enhance its lifespan. Cover it with a waterproof cloth if you can’t store the furniture securely. Be sure to leave enough space between furniture pieces so air can transfer freely, as it will help prevent any rusting or decay from occurring. If you live in extreme weather conditions, it is recommended to store furniture indoors in the off-season. 

8. Patience

The best approach to maintaining commercial outdoor furniture is to look great for years; it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. It may be a tedious task initially, but it will be worth it. 


To adequately maintain the furniture, the most crucial step is to buy quality furniture. At Sara Hospitality, our featured furniture collections are manufactured using durable, top-quality, and beautiful materials. We have each type of piece for everyone; the customer only needs to tell their vision, and together we will create a dream outdoor space to life.